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July  15 th,2024 LAST CHANCE!

1).  The conference guarantees that all accepted paper will be published in the conference proceeding and indexed by IEEE Xplore.

2).  Excellent papers will be invited to submit an extended version to IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS.


Paper Template

Paper Submission

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Download the Paper Template and prepare Paper file.



Click the [Paper Submission] button.

1. Register an account, log in and submit paper.( If you have an Aconf account, log in directly)

2. Fill out Title、Keywords、Subject、Abstract、Presentation type、Paper File、Authors

2.Click [Submit] and you will receive the Submission ID.



Waiting for the Paper review, you can modify the Paper File in the Dashboard--My Submission before June 25th and view the review status on the submission webpage.


Five to seven-page paper due by June 25th, 2024. Online submission is required, and facilities are provided on the website, The paper should be submitted with the corresponding author’s information including full mailing address and e-mail address. The paper should include key equations, figures, tables, and references as appropriate. The conference will feature oral and poster presentations.



The schedule for the conference is as follows:


A. Upload Revised Manuscript

1. 24:00, Aug.16th, 2024 to 24:00, Sept.15th, 2024: Open the upload final paper channel

In order to ensure the quality of the conference papers, during this period, you need to carefully revise the manuscript according to the review comments. The revised or newly added part should be set as yellow highlight, so as to distinguish from the original manuscript (friendly reminder: you need to pay special attention to the standardization of the paper format). The title of the manuscript can also be modified appropriately.

The revised manuscript with marks can be uploaded through the final manuscript submission system. It can be uploaded several times before the deadline (not recommended). We only review the latest version uploaded.


2. 24:00, Sept.15th, 2024 to 24:00, Sept.25th, 2024: The upload final paper channel is closed

During this period, the committee members will review the revision of the papers one by one, and the review results will be sent to your email address. Please do not urge in the group.


3. 24:00, Sept.25th, 2024 to 24:00 Sept.30th, 2024: Open the upload final paper channel again

Remove the markup of the revised manuscript that has passed the review, and upload it through the upload final paper channel. This manuscript will be included in the CIYCEE2024 Proceedings. If there are still markup or other formatting issues will be at your own risk.

If the final paper does not pass the repetition rate check, it will be removed from the conference proceedings without refund.


Note: The upload channel for revised manuscript and final paper are the same.


B. Upload Presentation Materials and Registration

24:00, Aug.16th, 2024 to 24:00 Sept.30th, 2024: Open the upload presentation material channel


You are now ready to register for the conference, create presentation videos/posters, submit presentation materials, etc. The format requirements and template of the presentation video are posted on the official website for you to view at any time.


Note: The deadline for registration and uploading of presentation materials is the same as that for uploading the final draft.

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