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1. IEEE members and IEEE student members must provide valid IEEE member ID while registration.

2. It is worth noticing that if you have submitted 2 or more manuscripts, you have to register for each manuscript. The registration fee for the second manuscript is the same with your first one.

3. Please indicate “CIYCEE 2024 + order number” by means of remittance. After remittance, please prepare the electronic version of remittance voucher, and "upload voucher" on the conference website, so that the financial personnel can understand your payment situation timely and accurately.

4. Upload Voucher:Follow the steps of registration and payment. When you select “remittance transfer”, you can see “upload voucher”. Please click and upload the remittance transfer voucher.Log in to the conference page → “Dashboard” → “my order” → “upload voucher” to complete the operation.

5. Invoice Application:After successful registration and payment, the email and mobile phone number filled in during registration will automatically receive the link to apply for the invoice. You can apply for the invoice through the link or return to the conference website to apply for the invoice in the “Dashboard→Apply for invoice”.






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